Quicklister Help Reference

The Quicklister Help gives you access to many resources to learn how to use any area of the system.  It explains in great detail how the Quicklister Online Management System works and how to use the system to manage and maintain your MLS listings.  It also explains how to run different types of Realtor reports.

How To Manage your User Profile

This video begins with a review of the login procedure for the Quicklister Management System, then explainshow to manage your user profile information, change your password, modify your name, physical/mailing address, phone numbers, and email address.

How To Use the Quicklister Management Interface

This is the main interface of the Quicklister Management System that is seen when logging in. The management interface gives access to Residential Listings, Community and Plan Profiles, Photo Requests, Reports and Support.

How to Use the Quicklister Form Interface

Field types, links and the notification pane are reviewed in this video. Some fields are different depending on the market, but the concept of the form applies in all markets.

How To Create or Review Community/Plan Profiles

Reviewing and creating community and plan profiles is covered in this video as well as their use and purpose.

How To Submit a New Listing

Learn how to submit new listings using the Community and Plan profiles described in the above video. This will be the most used part of the system and is the part that will save you the most time.

How To Work with Resources

Resources are photos, PDF documents and virtual tours that are stored in profiles, residential listings and photo requests. Here you will learn to manage and maintain them.

How To Submit a Photo Request

Users may request photos for completed homes by using HomesUSA’s Photo Request form. The photo request process includes an opportunity for users approval before photos are submitted to MLS. Photos by HomesUSA is an optional service and can only be used by subscribers.

How To Run Realtor Reports

This video explains how to obtain reports for New Home Sales, Selling Agents, Listing Agents and Realtor Offices for a specified location and price range. They are a valuable tool when marketing to Realtors and keeping current on the market.